Ayurlive - The Hospital Management System

Ayurveda consists of numerous heriditary treatments. There are lots of steps, tools, timing etc involves to complete a treatment successfully and efficiently. Human brain may miss such steps timing etc. which will affect the reputation of treatment and firm badly. Also Yoga, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy etc are part of Ayurveda treatment which all requires systematic management. Here comes the relavance of Ayurlive; a software solution which can manage all the activies in a systematic and error free way.

Following are the facilities offered by Ayurlive:

Eases the therapist management and their treatment schedules preparation

Treatment chart preparation is a very time consuming process.Because its preparation is depending on many factors like availability of patients,therapists,treatment rooms,treatment tools etc.Ayurlive can reduces the burden of this complex process

Automation of Ayurlive starts with centralized reservation

Automated reservation invoice emailing fascility is available

Central Reservation System(CRS) feature of ayurlive is capable to handle single andgroup reservation of fascilities of a properties

Front office management

Electronic case file managment

House keeping management

Maintance management

Pharmacy management

Restuarant management

Store management

Shops management

Tour management

Accounting of all activities are made easy by integrating all modules with accounting module.For example when a bill generates in the front office,that proces got accounted in the accounting module

GST enabled billing and purchase module eases the GST filing.Ayurlive's reporting module produces all the GST compatible reports

Ayurlive also produces NABH compatible medical reports

Automatic discharge summary generation

Provisions available to create multiple slab rates for same treatments(eg insurance,normal).Treatment details with corresponding slab rates get automatically posted to the patients's account

Front Office Management

This module caters specifically to Front Office Management and is compliant with all the present standards in the trade. This Software is designed to accommodate the needs of various types of properties viz the Hotels and Ayurveda Resorts. We can easily collect the necessary information from the guest here. Once the guest is admitted we can reuse the complete details of the customer for life long.

Benefits of Front Office Management

Registration Module for Out Patient and In Patient Departments

Elegant and easy to use.

Cost effective solution.

Enhances performance of man power and resources.

Helps in reducing cumbersome paperwork and maintenance of records.

Checks frauds and clerical errors.

Immediate access to critical reports for instant decision making.

Archives statements and reports for statistical analysis purposes.

Interactive user interface.

Consultation Module

This module allows the doctors to view the details of a patient such as the actual examination of the patient by the doctor, recording of history, and Diet Preparation for the Patient, Preparing the Treatment Plan. Using the Treatment Preparation feature, doctors can process and report clinical service details and consultation notes. It also allows access to a patient’s medical record and treatment details. Doctors can give restrictions and Special instructions to Patients through this module. It allows doctors to prescribe medicines for the In Patients. We can easily collect the necessary information from the guest here. Once the guest is admitted we can reuse the complete details of the customer for life long.

Benefits of Consultation Module

Case tracking Module for IP and OP Patients

Elegant and easy to use

Consultation and Prescription module for Out Patients

Therapy schedule for both IP and OP Patients

Daily medicine prescription for In Patients

Checks frauds and clerical errors.

Treatment Schedule preparation

Diet Schedule preparation.

Stock and Inventory Management

This module Manage your Store Inventory at optimum Level. This will helps to Maintain Cash/Credit Purchase, Purchase returns, Issuing items to against requisition. The store will handle the stock of Main Store

Benefits of Stock and Inventory Management

User wise customization

Handles Multiple stores

Transfer of items between stores

Auto stock update from purchase invoice

Item grouping mechanisms

Credited payment entry

Integrated with financial module

Issuing items to pharmacy

Store statements and pharmacy statements

Adding and deleting of store items

Allow credit and cash purchases

Detailed report for purchase and statements

Integrated with Front office modules

Detailed report for purchasing and statements


This is a well integrated module, helpful in managing drug distribution, stock management and in monitoring functions of an incorporated pharmacy outlet in the healthcare center. This module works by receiving the prescriptions from the consulting doctors that automatically reflects into dispensing unit to a respective patient which does not require any manual intervention.

Benefits of Pharmacy

Stock Control

Billing for the Out Patient Medicine

Daily Medicine Dispensing for In Patients

Therapist Management

Therapist Management module helps the corresponding department to do their work with minimum manpower. It helps to manage the duty assignment of therapists to different treatment rooms. This module will helps to manage different therapist groups. The automatically generated treatment chart is the major advantage of this module.

Benefits of Therapist Management

Manages Different Staff Groups

Manages the Duty Assignment

Generate Treatment Chart