touchQ Services



The Ganges is android based restaurant menu application developed for customers to take part in the restaurant decision making process. This application includes end-to end tablet and mobile POS system. touchQ involved in implementation of this software.

Benefits of Ganges
  • Elegant and easy to use
  • Selection of cuisines/ cocktails with multimedia
  • Menu personalization
  • Display of Ingredients and details of food items
  • Adding new cuisines
  • Easy and Fast Bill Generation status
  • Gmail integrations

Bank Management System


Software, which helps automation of a banking system. Software includes creating and managing different types of deposits, loans and mutual funds. Transactions include receipts, payments, share transactions and journal/voucher entry. Most commonly used interest calculation functions such as Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Minimum Balance Method and Average Method is also implemented. Reports includes book of accounts, audit schedule, deposit and loan registers, annual statistics etc.